Godzilla vs Kong First Footage Released

Godzilla vs Kong is unquestionably among the most anticipated action movies of 2021, and now short footage has been shared from the movie that will bring these two fantasy movie legends together.

Godzilla vs Kong basically a sequel to Godzilla King of the Monsters, which released in 2019, and Kong Skull Island, which released in 2017. However, no official promotional video or trailer has been shared for the film yet. That’s why we still don’t know what Godzilla or King Kong will look like in the movie.

Godzilla vs Kong First Footage Released

How Godzilla And King Kong Will Face-Off Is Still A Big Secret

In the video, we see Godzilla, a true fantasy beast, moving under the sea, locked in its target. King Kong is seen roaring as if before Godzilla. Since the video consists of these two images, we haven’t learned any new information about the movie at the moment.

Warner Bros recently announced that all of its films to release in 2021. Including Godzilla vs Kong, will release on HBO Max at the same time as the big screen. Considering that movie theaters not one of the places frequented by people due to the pandemic, it is not quite a wrong move.

Godzilla vs Kong will be available in movie theaters and on HBO Max as of May 21st, according to Warner Bros. However, we should note that HBO Max subscribers will have a 1-month period to watch the movie. By the way; In Godzilla vs Kong, we’ll watch two gigantic monsters, as well as names like Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, Rebecca Hall, and Brian Tyree Henry.

HBO Max will release movies such as The Matrix 4, Dune, and all of Warner Bros’ new movies that will be released next year. No additional fees will be paid. All HBO Max members will be able to watch it online. Of course, this means that the movies will be pirated from day one. The bad news is that HBO Max is currently exclusive to America. There is no information about when to come to other regions. Also, The service currently has a $ 15 monthly price tag.


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