How Jedi Can Block Force Lightning

It is always a big question among the Star Wars fans: “How Jedi can block Force Lightning with a lightsaber?” I think the answer has been found to this question. Force Lightning is always the most powerful weapon in the Star Wars series. This was really notable in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Palpatine unleashed a Force Storm and threatened the whole Resistance fleet.

But it seems like Force Lightning is also Palpatine’s biggest weakness. In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu deflected Palpatine’s Force Lightning right back to him. And that caused serious damage to his body. Rey defeated Palpatine by deflecting the power back to him again with two lightsabers. So how can this ultimate force be blocked?

How Jedi Can Block Force Lightning

How Jedi Can Block Force Lightning

Secrets of Jedi, new Star Wars reference book answers this question. The book compiled from the journals of Luke Skywalker, collected shortly before his death. And in one section of the game, Luke explains the defensive powers of the lightsaber. He explains: “The blade of a lightsaber can be used to block attacks from another lightsaber or to repel incoming blaster fire. In the hands of a skilled master, a lightsaber blade can also be used to redirect that barrage of blasts right back at the enemy who fired them. Seasoned Jedi can even use their lightsabers to block attacks of Force lightning generated by Sith Lords.”

According to Luke Skywalker, only the most seasoned and capable Jedi Masters can deflect Force Lightning with a lightsaber. As Luke says in his notes, a lightsaber generates an electrical charge, “wielding a lightsaber is less like swinging a sword and more like directing a current of power” he says. When a lightsaber blade catches Force Lightning, the electrical power is absorbed into its own current. So if this is true, Lightsaber doesn’t technically deflect the Force Lightning, rather, it absorbs it. And then, discharging it.

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