iPhone prices may go up

The trade war between the USA and China especially intensified with Trump, will soon witness new developments that will affect the world. President Donald Trump wants to impose new taxes on American companies producing outside the U.S. The price of many technology components, including iPhone prices, may increase.

In particular, the telephone industry has long targeted Donald Trump, as a black cloud settled over China-based company Huawei’s case. In the past weeks, Donald Trump has extended the ban on Huawei for one more year.

Apple, which has closed stores in many countries due to a pandemic, has started to open stores gradually. Technology giants such as Nvidia, AMD, Intel, and Apple are among the companies producing components outside the USA.

iPhone prices may go up

Prices of many products, especially iPhone prices, will increase

The said tax will increase the price of many products such as processor, video card, phone, computer parts. The reason for the tax was to ensure that the production was moved to the USA. It would be correct to say that President Trump is successful in this regard. Taiwan-based semiconductor manufacturer TSMC is preparing to open its second production plant in the USA.

iPhone prices may go up

The factory, which is planned to start production in 2024, seems will be established in the Arizona region. The installation will begin in 2021. TSCM produces chips for many US-based technology companies such as  Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Apple.

Console prices may also be affected

The processor and GPU solutions of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5 consoles are being developed by AMD. The production of these parts is done outside the USA. If the tax in question comes to life, this will result in an increase in the prices of the consoles.

The prices of the new generation consoles have not been announced yet. Both consoles will go on sale later this year. Microsoft recently announced 3rd party games for Xbox Series X with Inside Xbox effectiveness. As you know, Sony will share new details about the console in June. Although there is no official information yet, according to the rumors, Sony will show many games. There is an event that will take place between leaks on June 4. On the other hand, serial production of the Xbox Series X has started.

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