Microsoft Interview: Last of Us 2 is ‘Significantly Ahead of Anything’

The Last of Us 2 is one of the greatest games that came out in recent years. Even Microsoft accepts on a leaked interview that it is one of the best.

Leaked Microsoft Interview admits that The Last of Us 2 is a good game

It is arguable if we should this Microsoft interview as a leak. Because the interview came out to the surface due to the Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit. We don’t know how or why but there is one thing we certainly know. Microsoft admits that The Last of Us Part 2 is “significantly ahead of anything available on consoles and PC.” This means that even Microsoft is a fan!

Of course, companies reviewing competitors’ games is definitely not something new. It is nice to see that major companies respect each other. The leaked Microsoft interview is one of the best examples of this situation. You can check some sentences of the featured interview just below:

Microsoft Interview: That Last of Us 2 is 'Significantly Ahead of Anything'

The visual quality and attention to detail in The Last of Us Part II is absolutely best-in-class in basically every area, and the overall presentation is significantly ahead of anything that other teams have been producing on console and PC. We were frequently stunned by the quality of the game’s visuals, something that sadly seldom happens these days. It’s even more impressive considering that the game feature two separate player characters with different groups of allies, in different locations, along with flashback sequences taking place years before. It features a shockingly wide variety of environments, weather, and day cycles in locations ranging from Wyoming to California.

As you can see in this Microsoft interview, the company is pretty objective even though it is a PlayStation exclusive game. However, how can you give a bad reputation for a game that won over 200 Game of the Year Awards?

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