Our First Gameplay Impressions Of A New Title ‘The Outer Worlds’

When talking about RPGs, it is hard to dismiss Obsidian and they are preparing to release another big title. The game was initially announced at VGA and we’ve managed to try our hands at the game in a special conference in the UK. The game is similar to Fallout in terms of gameplay while the atmosphere is much more similar to Bioshock. Character development and dialogue are a huge part of the game, with your choices affecting the outcome of any situation.

Our First Gameplay Impressions Of ‘The Outer Worlds’

The game appears to be extremely in-depth with all of its different scenarios and gameplay. Any action you do could affect the scenario in some way or the other. The combat is fast and progressive while you are able to steadily develop your character throughout the game. Development may be slow at first but it’s clear that later on, everything will come together. You are able to do whatever you want to solve a problem. Diplomacy, brute force, getting help from others. The game is also half open-world, with you able to explore wherever you desire in your current area. Overall, the game looks extremely promising for fans of Fallout, sharing a very similar system.

The character development is like a level system and you gain experience from various things. You are able to loot any monster you killed and sell the rewards to merchants in towns in exchange for weapons but some weapons may require you to be at a level higher than your current one, being a motivation to progress your character even more. It is a very steady and progressive system that won’t make you feel sheltered but motivated. You are able to carry four weapons at a time. If at one point you grow tired of your character’s build or want to try something new, you can reset if you have enough in-game currency.

How about weapons?

Weapons and equipment can be acquired by looted or purchasing and trading. We are able to use or sell them, and can upgrade them in exchange for an amount of money. This way, every weapon is very diverse and armour works exactly the same way. As we level up, the missions also increase in difficulty and monsters get stronger hence acquiring stronger weapons is a must. We are able to acquire the parts necessary for upgrading weapons from various merchants.

On the map, thre are several fast travel points and more is unlocked as you explore new areas, also unlocking their fast travel points. Merely interacting with them will allow you to transport to another area and continue your adventure there.

There is also an optional companion system. If you choose to recruit a companion, they offer you their own missions and abilities, able to help you out in various situations you may not be able to manage to complete alone. However, the abilities aren’t available indefinitely so it is advised to save them for boss fights.

The story consists in the future of our current world, technology having advanced so much that megacorps have started colonizing other planets. We are a passenger on one of the cruisers in space however after an accident and crash landing, we are the only one able to be salvaged. Afterwards, we explore our planet, trying to survive and later on, are even able to progress between planets.

Overall, the game feels extremely interesting and could suck you in for long hours with its diversity and the various ways you could go about playing it anyhow. We don’t have an exact release date for The Outer Worlds yet but it’s likely to be shown at Gamescom. The game will be released for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.

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