PS5 Unboxing Videos are Now Live Over the Internet

The time has come. Today, finally the embargo is over and the testers of the upcoming PlayStation 5 can finally show us what’s inside the box. Many content creators got their hands on to the console. And the unboxing videos of Sony’s PS5 are all over the internet.

Various content creators started to publish PS5 Unboxing videos

As you might have heard, a couple of days ago, Journalists had the chance to try the upcoming console. And now it is our turn. Because the embargo is over and for many of us, the PS5 unboxing videos are just one click away from us. Various content creators and journalists are now publishing their videos all over the internet.

The console fans were also curious about the size of the upcoming console. As of now, there will be lots of information all around the web about it. When we look at the comparison video of  GameXplain, we can see that the PS5 is much bigger than the PS4. Many of the people were not expecting such a big size difference most probably. On the video, you can also see the old gen consoles compared to the upcoming PS5.

PS5 Unboxing Videos are Now Live Over the Internet

There is also more than just PS5 unboxing videos. You can see some gameplay videos too. For example, you can see the gameplay of Astro’s Playroom completely in 4K played on PS5. And it looks definitely great.

The size of the next-gen console might shock you for a while. You might be right, as the PS5 looks much bigger than the Xbox Series X. But fear not, as most of you know this is only the FAT version of the console. When the time comes there will be most probably a slim version of the PS5 available on the market for you to buy.

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