Shadowlands Scourge: Pre-Launch Event Trailer

Blizzard announced the start of the event named Shadowlands Scourge in World of Warcraft. In the new in-game event, the heroes of Horde and Alliance will stand up against the leaderless Scourge’s invasion of Azeroth. After Sylvanas Windrunner shattered the Lash King’s Helm of Control, the leaderless Scourge began to terrorize Azeroth. Now, the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance will face this threat in the new pre-expansion event. The event is active from now until the Shadowlands release on 23 November.

Shadowlands Scourge: Pre-Launch Event Trailer

Shadowlands Scourge: Pre-Launch Event Trailer

This two-part Shadowlands Scourge event is included in the pre-expansion pack update brought in last month. Also, other content that comes with the update is as follows:

  • The renewed leveling experience brings players to the new level cap of 50. This level cap will increase to 60 after Shadowlands’ release.
  • WoW’s new player experience, Exile’s Reach, completely updated with an epic adventure, introduces new and returning players to basic gameplay mechanics.
  • Hundreds of new character customization options.
  • Item and attribute adjustments to support new level caps

World of Warcraft’s eighth expansion will take players to Shadowlands. This is an eternal realm of other worlds. Also, mortal spirits go to find a new purpose or are subjected to eternal torment by the Jailer in the Tower of the Damned. As players explore the afterlife, learn the fate of Warcraft legends, bond with one of the four Testaments that rule different regions of the Shadowlands. Furthermore, ultimately face a dark threat aimed at destroying the entire universe.

Scourge Invades Azeroth on November 11 – With the Helm of Domination shattered and the skies above Icecrown shattered, the Shadowlands Scourge army of the dead is revolting again. Before this deadly threat takes over Azeroth’s mortal world, Azeroth’s heroes must stop him. Shadowlands’ pre-expansion update is available starting November 11.

The Gates of Nathria Castle Unlock on December 8 – The Shadowlands’ first epic 10-boss raid, Nathria Castle, is available from December 8th. In addition, with the opening of the raid, Shadowlands Raid, Mythic Dungeon, and PvP Season 1 also begin.


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