Skater XL Achieves a Record With 1 Million Mod Downloads

The developer of Skater XL, Easy Day Studios recently came up with full cross-platform mod integration on all platforms for their popular skating title.

Mods are very popular on Skater XL as of now

The mod integration feature makes it possible for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam players to gain access to over 250 pieces of community content. This set a new record with over one million downloads of community content in a single day for Skater XL. And it looks like Easy Day Studios will not going to stop anytime soon. When we talk about mods and content that is coming to the game.

“Setting a day one launch record for downloads demonstrates not only the hunger for more the Skater XL content. But truly illustrates the evolution of the skateboarding game. Genre towards being a platform for creativity and self-expression,” says Dain Hedgpeth. Co-founder of Easy Day Studios. Also, he states that they will add more content in the near future.Skater XL Achieves a Record With 1 Million Mod Downloads“One million downloads in 24 hours was beyond our wildest expectations. And has set a new record at, showing us how exciting UGC across all platforms can be.” Says Scott Reismanis. The co-founder of It looks like the developers and modding community also did not expect such a huge success from Skater XL. This may be a signal to the developers that players already miss skating games.

Easy Day Studios will continue to add more content on a regular basis. They will also apply patches and bugfixes when they actually happen. Patches resolving some crash issues associated with the update have already gone live on all platforms. And performance improvements for the original three community levels released for the console will also go live shortly. Skater XL is now available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. The Switch version of the title will launch in 2021.

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