Sony Buys Epic Games $250 Million Stake

Sony buys a little stake of Epic Games. So, they acquire a 1.4 per cent share in Epic games with an investment of $ 250 million. They have invested $ 250 million in Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, a large player audience. This investment covers 1.4 per cent of the company’s shares. We heard that Epic Games games will continue to take place in other platforms after the investment.

Japan-based technology company Sony has announced that it has purchased 1.4% of the company’s shares by investing $ 250 million for Epic Games, the creator of the popular video game Fortnite. After the announcement, we see that the total market value of Epic Games has increased to $ 17.86 billion. Sony; In a press release on the subject, he pointed out that Sony and Epic Games are expanding their collaboration to offer better experiences to consumers and content producers.

What Sony and Epic Games collaboration can offer us?

Sony Buys Epic Games '$ 250 Million Stake

Epic Games founding CEO Tim Sweeney expressed her thoughts. He stated that they shared a vision of a real-time and 3-D entertainment experience that brings games, movies and music in the same pot with Sony. With this announcement, Sweeney also referred to the Travis Scott concert on Fortnite and the trailer of Tenet. Tenet is the new movie of Christopher Nolan which was also published in the game. In addition, Epic Games founding CEO Tim Sweeney stated that they shared the vision of a real-time and 3-D entertainment experience that brings games, movies and music together in Sony. Jason Momoa also showed up in Fortnite with Season 3. These types of events add excitement to the excitement of game lovers who love different content.

Sony; Since it has a movie company called “Sony Pictures” and a music company called “Sony Music”, we can estimate that this cooperation can increase the number of such events. However; In the future, references to many Sony content within Epic Games games and many video games. As a result, we can see more Sony content are among the predictions. We will see what this collaboration will add to players over time. Hopefully, Epic Games continues to be a free platform and smother players.

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