Sony Lowers The Price of 12-Months PS Plus Membership

Sony confirmed the %25 discount on 12-months Playstation Plus membership and presented a nice opportunity for PS4 users that does not have Plus membership yet. After this discount, the price went down from 59.99€ to €44.99, and got 15 euros cheaper than before. However, this deal is only available from March 15th until March 26th.

%25 Discount on PS Plus 12 Month Membership 

As you know, if you want to play online multiplayer games or modes you need to have Playstation Plus subscription and with this discount its expected that more PS4 users will turn their accounts into Plus and get advantage of it. Further, PS Plus owners can download two free games in each month, for instance Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness for this month. For PS3 or PS Vita users, March was the first month without any free games or advantages, however Playstation offered 100GB extra cloud storage to PSN users.

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