Sony offers a business opportunity for PlayStation 5

Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony‘s global studio, used a statement of necessity for next-generation consoles during an interview last week. This comment signaled the start of the work for PlayStation 5. Sony’s job offer  confirms the rumors of PlayStation 5. The job description that was announced by Sony shows the footsteps of the new generation.

Sony is looking for a product manager for PlayStation 5

Considering the average life of the console is 6 years, we can say that the study for the new generation of consoles has already begun. Sony is looking for a product manager to run PlayStation 5! Sony is looking for a senior product manager that will “produce a roadmap for the next generation of PlayStation campaign”. A detailed job description and qualification list were shared for the job offer, the lucky person who gets the job will work at the Sony headquarters in San Francisco. The product manager who will form the marketing strategy will determine the advertising and sales program of PlayStation 5. We are assuming that after this recruitment is completed, the PlayStation 5 announcement will be made. In another announcement, it turned out that Sony is looking for a high-end software engineer for the next generation PlayStation.

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