Spiderman’s director talked about Venom

Marvel’s Spider-Man director Bryan Intihar made a short comment on Venom. Venom, starring Tom Hardy for the lead role, received negative criticism from many film critics. Some viewers said that they liked the film by stating that the film remained very faithful to comics. You can read our review for Venom from down below.

Venom Review

Venom comment from the director of Marvel’s Spider-Man Bryan Intihar

Venom, which was produced by Sony Pictures, received negative comments from film critics and the media. Bryan Intihar, the creative director of Marvel’s Spider-Man, seems to like Venom movie, which was put into the ground by critics. He only said that the movie was “fun” to the Game Informer. We do not know whether this comment of Intihar is a real answer or a political answer.

Produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Marvel and Tencent Pictures, Venom will be the first film of the Venom universe.

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