The 7 best virus-themed movies ever

The Coronavirus outbreak in China continues to spread worldwide. While the epidemic infects thousands of people, the state of the world, the people’s anxiety experiencing brings to mind the scripts in the movies, and it feels like you’re in a movie script. Nowadays, when we feel like we are in a movie, movies about viruses also come to mind. Here are the best virus-themed movies ever!

The 7 best virus-themed movies ever

1. Contagion (2011): The Contagion movie is very much compared to the current Coronavirus outbreak. The subject of the movie Contagion includes an epidemic of viruses that infect people through air and respiration and kill within a few days. The world’s leading medical professionals are trying to address this virus outbreak. On the one hand, while fighting the epidemic, the change experienced by society is also exposed. 

the 7 best virus themed movies ever 1 1

IMDb Note: 6.6

2. The Flu (2013): An unknown disease occurs suddenly, causing regional destruction. The disease is transmitted by breathing and death occurs 36 hours after catching the disease. In order to control the epidemic, individuals struggle in desperation.

the 7 best virus themed movies ever 2 1 

IMDb Note: 6.7

3. Resident Evil (2002): There is a genetic research center called Hive in the city called Raccoon. The T-virus produced during the experiment one day, spreads throughout the building. After the virus, people begin to turn into zombies. It will not be easy to fight artificial intelligence that spreads the virus. Resident Evil has other films shot after this movie. As you know, the game version of this movie is also very famous. We even published the news about whether there is a relationship with the coronavirus outbreak. You can read What’s the connection between resident evil and Coronavirus?

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IMDb Note: 6.6

4. 28 Weeks Later (2007): It takes 6 months after the Rage virus spreads to England. The American army comes to help in the region and starts placing people in quarantine areas. The country will be rebuilt from the beginning. The American army has restored order and started resettling people in quarantined areas. While the country is being reconstructed, it hides that a refugee family has the individual Rage virus, but the truth is revealed in a very short time. 

the 7 best virus themed movies ever 4 1

IMDb Note: 7.0

5. Perfect Sense (2011): Two distant people, Michael and Susan, begin to get close to each other. While the spark between them flares, an epidemic occurs in the world. People lose their senses one by one due to the epidemic. So how is it possible to love someone in a world where senses are lost?

the 7 best virus themed movies ever 5 1

IMDb Note: 7.1

6. Carrier (2009): A contagious virus has spread all over the world, killing much of the population. Two brothers, Brian and Danny, along with Brian’s girlfriend Bobby and Danny’s school friend Kate, are on their way to Turtle Beach in the southwestern United States, a secluded beach motel where they believe they will wait for the viral pandemic to die and finally start a new life.

the 7 best virus themed movies ever 6 1

IMDb Note: 6.0

7. Twelve Monkeys (1995): The virus that killed 5 billion people worldwide. The surviving people also live in underground bunkers. People who find solutions for the virus invent the time machine that will go back in time. It is time to test the machine. 

the 7 best virus themed movies ever 7 1

IMDb Note: 8.0

Have a nice weekend that you will receive less virus news!

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