The Callisto Protocol Will will Focus on Melee Combat

Ben Walker, design director of The Callisto Protocol, showed how to deal with Squishy, ​​an enemy in the game, in a video posted by Game Informer. In this way, we had the chance to take a closer look at the game’s combat system. It looks like The Callisto Protocol will put more emphasis on melee in their combat mechanics. Again, there are logical reasons for this.

The Callisto Protocol Will will Focus on Melee Combat

Players will be able to fight with both melee and ranged weapons while playing The Callisto Protocol. While relatively traditional weapons will be used, these can be upgraded through skill trees. However, although it is easy to find weapons, players will have difficulty in finding ammunition. This will encourage players to engage in “hand-to-hand combat” with a combo system that will provide a more tactical approach to close combat.

The Callisto Protocol will Focus on Melee

Ben Walker said: “We’re definitely leaning into the survival side of things.”. And he continued; “Our overall tone in the combat is that it’s kind of a struggle. Half of our combat is melee – you have to be smart if you do use your bullets. And that brings us to our defensive left stick. You have the ability to dodge left and right, and block when you pull back on the stick. As guys come and engage with you, you dodge one way…but if you want to dodge again, you have to go the other way. So what that does is create a little bit of a rhythm. We always went with the left stick. It was an idea we had early on and it kind of came from old fighting games. It just feels natural.”.

At the same time, the violence in its visuality is among the prominent features of The Callisto Protocol. It will have an environment where bones are broken, limbs are severed, and intestines are flying, almost like a visual feast. Players who wish will be able to turn off these settings from the menu.

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