The new movie of the Black Mirror series attract attention with its length

News from the new season of Black Mirror, which criticizes developing technology and changing social human perception, continues to come. With the second season, the series is now under the roof of Netflix. Bandersnatch is announced to be the first episode. The episode which will be released on December 28th, expected to be related to video games. Nevertheless, Netflix officials did not verify this information. They shared another interesting information about the movie. According to that, the first episode of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch will be exactly 5 hours and 12 minutes. What the screenwriters would tell the audience in a 5-hour movie is now a matter of curiosity.

The new movie of Black Mirror series will be released on December 28th on Netflix

Black Mirror could not meet the expectations with its last season. It is said that the new season of the series will be able to revive the series. In addition to all of these, Avengers Infinity War is now published on Netflix. If you’re looking for a more interesting movie, you should also take a look at thriller Bird Box.

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