Titanfall 3 explanations made by Respawn team

Founded by former Call of Duty developers, Respawn Entertainment has quickly become a large studio with the help of EA Games. The team managed to win the love of the players with Titanfall brand. After the second game of the series full of nice experience, we soon started to wait for the third game. However, the interview made by Respawn developers with Eurogamer may be a little saddening for the players waiting for the third game.

Titanfall 3 explanations made by Respawn team

One of the leading producers of the studio, Drew McCoy, said they were working on Apex Legends for a long time instead of Titanfall 3 and they didn’t consider developing a new Titanfall because of Apex Legends. Since the sales of Titanfall 2 are already behind because of the Battlefield brand, the studio seems to get into Battle Royale genre because of the concern for profit.

It is a pity that a new Titanfall will not come after Titanfall 2, which gave the players good hours in terms of the script. On the other hand, we cannot deny that Apex Legends will bring a new breath to Battle Royale. Attracting players with a structure similar to the Black Ops 4, Apex Legends will probably appeal to a large player segment in a short time.

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