Top 5: Ways to Use OSRS to Earn Cash

Turning a profit on video game assets is nothing new; it’s been around for the longest time and is still relevant today. With OSRS, it is not any different, as the game offers many exciting methods of acquiring gold coins and items or performing services that can be cashed in! Hoarding and selling gold is the most popular across Gielinor, and with this article, we will share how exactly players can do the same.

Ways to Use OSRS to Earn Cash

There are plenty of websites that offer gold coins for sale, but not all are made equal. With GamerTotal, users can sell and buy OSRS Gold for a fraction of the price shown on the market. Before attempting any of the methods shown in this article, you should be aware that trading any property of Jagex in the real world is against the rules of the game and can result in a permanent suspension of your account.

1. Turning OSRS Gold into cash

Players have to spend hours farming millions of gold pieces to make a profit. However there are many farming methods available, but nearly all are tedious and dull. While most include rolling back your sleeves and putting in the work, some approaches suggest using bots to do the hard work for you. Unfortunately, this method is hazardous, and Jagex is constantly scouring the game for bots and permabanning them with no questions asked.

2. Start with a Membership

To join as a RuneScape member, players can purchase a Bond from the Grand Exchange, get the membership directly from the official website, or visit a digital goods trader. Players with an OSRS Membership will receive access to a complete game instead of certain parts with a F2P account. In addition, members-exclusive minigames, quests, and skills are all available to generate income.

3. Level Skills and do Quests whenever you can

Leveling skills will significantly boost your character’s capabilities, allowing you to easily farm monsters and complete lucrative quests. Focus on skills that have low requirements and are straightforward to do. A good starting point is figuring out what items are in constant demand and performing skills that grant those items.

Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining are all excellent places to start. Fish is used in various crafting recipes, but some can even be sold for a decent number of coins. In that sense, wood is a common resource used to level Fletching, Firemaking, and Construction, so its demand is also very high. Finally, ores and Gems mined across Gielinor can fetch a reasonable price as they are essential for various crafting recipes. To get your mind off things, consider slaying chickens and cows near Lumbridge, as you can earn a lot for cowhides alone.

4. Find those with similar Goals

Since players can only get their first thousand gold pieces once they’re level three and must complete various steps to start earning in-game, profiting off OSRS is challenging, especially for a beginner. However, joining a clan can help hone your skills. A RuneScape Clan is a group of players that band together to tackle a shared task that would be impossible to do alone. Depending on your preferences, many clan types exist, from PVM and Community clans to Minigames and Skilling clans. Clans can also be used for guidance and prove valuable for newbies.

5. Other Profitable Methods

Sell Items

Similarly to gold, items can also fetch a reasonable price, with some going for as far as a couple of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Again, it would help if you determined which items are sought-after in the Grand Exchange and looked into how to farm them. Generally, the most expensive items are the hardest to acquire, so you should focus on those that are always in demand but can be sold reasonably.

Powerleveling, Minigames, Questing, Diaries, and PvM

Since leveling characters in any MMORPG requires time and effort, players would always rather pay someone else to do the work. This naturally creates a demand for trainers. In essence, you can play through quests or grind on someone else’s account and get paid on your terms, or you could join a company offering such services.

Where to sell OSRS Goods or my Services?

Numerous forums are visited by hundreds of users daily, offering many customer reviews to help boost the credibility of featured traders. You can find an excellent place to start there. Forums are the most trustworthy as they have systems in place that ensure the safety of their visitors.

On the other hand, re-sellers and trading sites are more popular, user-friendly options. The reseller buys goods at a fixed price, whereas the trading site allows you to determine the price for your interests. You will have to create an account with these and most likely verify to start trading.

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