Valorant Report System: Data of Anti-Cheat

Riot Games announced the datasheet of the Valorant report system. According to the statistics announced; 97% of players reported not yet at all. Only 0.6% of players reported multiple times for cheating. Only 53% of the cheaters removed reported before they banned. Valorant Fraud Protection Team Paul “Arkem” announced the game’s reporting system and data in Chamberlain’s announcement on the official website. That means there is no place for cheaters in Valorant.

Valorant Report System: Data of Anti-Cheat

Valorant Report System: Cheater, Reported!


One of the most powerful tools to combat cheaters is player reports. The reporting system offers players the opportunity to report suspicious activities. And they encounter in games to the Cheat Protection Team, the loyal guardian of VALORANT. Unlike Vanguard’s automated system (Riot Vanguard, the name of our cheat protection system) reports. In addition, it provides a humanitarian perspective on our cheat protection efforts. Otherwise, that would not be possible by directly addressing the gamers’ experiences in the game. It is very important that players report a suspicious situation in games to us via the Valorant report system. This is the best way we can maintain a fair environment in the game!

First of all, 97% of gamers have never been reported before. No one found the behaviour of these players so suspicious that they had to report. More than 80% of the 3% of players reported for cheating reported by only one player. 90% of them reported by less than 3 players. This means that only 0.6% of players reported multiple times for cheating, and only 0.3% reported three or more times. However, the numbers of the reports and cheaters do not exactly match. Many reported players actually not guilty and not all cheaters reported before they suspended. Only 53% of the cheaters removed reported before being sentenced. And only 60% of the players reported 20 times suspended after investigation. Take care of yourselves and don’t cheat.

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