Watch Dogs 3 might be in development!

One of Ubisoft’s major series might be getting ready for a new game. Watch Dogs 3, might be under development for some time. According to the news, Watch Dogs 3 will set in London.

Watch Dogs 3 might be under development

If you remember, Watch Dogs 2 has come up with an update and a hint at the end of the game pointing to the continuation of the series was added. Just like the lead here, new rumors are also under construction, indicating that Watch Dogs 3 will be in London. Although there is no concrete evidence about the game, it is stated that Ubisft will make the Watch Dogs 3 announcement in E3 2019.
The first game of the Watch Dogs series that we directed Aiden Pearce was in Chicago. We went to San Francisco in the continuation of Marcus Holloway. If the rumors begin to come in the third game, we will probably meet new characters.

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