Windows 7 is getting DirectX 12 Support

Microsoft announced the DirectX 12 support for Windows 7 is on it's way and the first game supporting this latest version of DirectX application programming interference will be nothing but the MMORPG favourite ''World of Warcraft''. This announcement is welcomed by the PC users as Windows 7 is still used commonly worldwide. Microsoft aims to overcome the incompatibility issues of Windows 7 users to play DX12 games this way; but of course better to remind, even though to this update, visual effects and graphics will be better in Windows 10 systems for DX12 supported games.

Windows 7 DirectX 12 Support

LinusTechTips shared a video yesterday saying that Microsoft is planning to cease the security update support from Windows 7 OS in one year's time. Therefore this update can also help users to experience DirectX 12 on their Windows 7 PCs and see the outcomes of this API and push them to have Windows 10 in the next period. So we can say Microsofts's policy to live up Windows 7 ''for now'' is also an investment for Windows 10 OS. You can watch the LinusTechTips's video below:

DirectX 12 Technology Video

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