X Files New Animation: Albuquerque Comedy Spin-Off Series

The X Files new animation series is coming. For the first time in 1993, it had a great place and prominence in both television and science fiction. According to the first explanations, this animation will be in the comedy genre. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who we know from the series, will not be in this animation. This will shape on other characters, and the full name of the animation is The X Files: Albuquerque.

By the way, the creator of the series will be Chris Carter. In addition, the X Files new animation is being developed on Fox. Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko will write to the pilot and act as an EP alongside Carter and former X Files writer Gabe Entertain. That series will serve as the Bento Box animation studio.

Having received a script and presentation commitment from Fox, Albuquerque will not revolve around David Duchovny’s Mulder and Gillian Anderson’s Scully. An office filled with incompatible agents investigating the X Files cases is too strange, ridiculous, or downright stupid that Mulder and Scully can’t handle. They are actually the B team of the X Files.

X Files New Animation: Albuquerque Comedy Spin-Off Series

X Files New Animation Is On The Road

The live-action X Files aired on Fox (1993-2002) for nine seasons, produced two feature films (in 1998 and 2008), and finally brought back 2016 for the first two revival seasons. In 2018, shortly after the second revival season ended, Fox’s then CEO Gary Newman announced that “no other season is currently planned.” Newman’s comments came right after Anderson announced that he represented the swan song of Season 11 (aka the second revival season) as Scully, that’s why the transition to X Files’ new animation came into question.

However, Carter wasn’t ready to reveal that the series was dead and buried. “Can’t imagine there will be no more X Files in some form or form,” Carter said. “I think there are more stories to tell and ways to tell. I leave this as a giant abyss and Gillian announces that he will not return. Hard-core X Files fans know there is no real end in the program. “. So X Files’ new animation is on the road. By the way, the series will air on Fox, but the broadcast date is unknown.

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