Football Manager 2021 Became Fastest FM Game to Reach 1 Million

One of the most popular football games, Football Manager’s newest game Football Manager 2021 has managed to become the fastest FM game to reach 1 million active copies. In addition, the game played by 900 thousand people last week.

FM 21, the new game of Football Manager, which was released in November last year, is one of the most played games of football fans worldwide, makes the developer studio Sports Interactive smile.

The director of the game, Miles Jacobson, shared on his Twitter account that 1 million copies of the game have been activated. The fastest time the game reached 1 million thresholds. Jacobson also stated that FM 2021 played by 900 thousand people last week.Football Manager 2021 Became Fastest FM Game to Reach 1 Million

Football Manager 2021 Is The Fastest FM Game To Reach 1 Million Active Copies

FM 2021, the newest member of the Football Manager game. Players said they had a hard time quitting once entered, debuted on PC in November 2020 to mobile devices and to consoles. Also, precisely to a console, after a long hiatus.

Football Manager, which mostly played on PC, has also made its way to the Xbox console after many years. The game has also released for Xbox for the first time since 2007. However, the game did not release to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 consoles.

The reason why Football Manager 2021 did not make the PlayStation side was Sony, not the developer studio. Miles Jacobson said that Microsoft has asked Sports Interactive to release the game for Xbox, but Sony has not received such a request.

Developer Sports Interactive and publisher SEGA released Football Manager 2021 Mobile for iOS and Android platforms. Mexico, Argentina, and the fully licensed Canadian Premier League added to the game. New tactical templates let you choose and play in style, while new player roles and improved set-top options offer new ways to increase your performance levels. Finally, the redesigned team dynamics system and new ways to interact with the players have been added to the game.

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