PUBG New State January Update

Krafton shared important details about PUBG New State January update in their blog. PUBG: New State 0.9.23 update, which is said to be released next week, also means a new 1st season for the game. You can read the details of the PUBG: New State update and the innovations it brings, where new modes will come into play.

PUBG, one of the most important representatives of the Battle Royale genre, intends to continue its leadership with the New State game. Although it is only two months old, the game, which has received important updates, seeks to offer important innovations with the January update.

PUBG New State gets a New Mode

The new mod is called Battle Royale Extreme Mode. This mode is much shorter and with much less players. Accordingly, this new mode in Troi will have rooms for only 64 people. The aim of these 64 players is to be the last survivor in just 20 minutes.

PUBG New State January Update

However, in this new mode, each player will have one P1911 pistol, 1 smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits and fully charged boost meters. So you won’t have to look for weapons in this 20-minute period. There will also be two maintenance kits scattered in random places throughout the game. In addition, delivery drones will also reach players faster. Unlike basic Battle Royale, players will jump from a lower altitude plane and reach the map faster. Teammate cooldown is also 60 seconds for this mode.

PUBG New State is also looking to offer players new weapon customizations with the January update 0.9.23. With the update, players will have the ability to install a muzzle brake and flame suppressor on the DP-28 heavy machine gun. However, after these add-ons, the damage of the DP-28 will decrease. In addition, the Beryl M762 gun will also have the opportunity to use light-weighted apparatuses that prevent bullet spread and increase ADS speed. However, these new devices will reduce the stability of the weapon.

With the PUBG New State January update 0.9.23, a new waepon, a P90 will be added to the game. This weapon has a standard second level scope and silencer. However, the weapon does not allow players to customize it. The new weapon will be available in the Drone Store and will use 5.7mm ammo.

Krafton is also changing the balance settings of some weapons with the January update for the new PUBG.

  • All shotguns and pistols will have reduced bullet spread when fired in mid-air
  • L85A3: Reload time will be significantly reduced
  • M416 [C1]: The projectile spread will be reduced when firing from the hip and shoulder
  • Beryl M762 [C1]: This customization will no longer reduce bullet speed
  • M16A4 [C1]: This customization will no longer reduce recoil control
  • DSR-1 [C1]: This customization no longer reduces bullet speed. Instead, it will increase vertical recoil

PUBG New State Season 1 Update 0.9.23

  • The update will reset levels for all regions and modes based on the highest level of Survivors reached during the preseason.
  • With season 1, Krafton will also raise the final rewards for reaching Contender, Master, and Conquerer.
  • In addition, at the end of the update, match scores and rank evaluation standards will be renewed.
  • A small amount of tier points will also be rewarded after selecting multiple maps.


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