The Division Heartland Leaked Some Crucial Infos

Ubisoft’s new game The Division Heartland leaked some Infos. The gameplay video of the game and the details of the game started to be shared on the internet with the start of closed tests. Completely free, the game puts players on an adventure of loot and survival in the open world just like previous The Division games.

Game giant Ubisoft announced its new Tom Clancy’s The Division game last week. The game, which will be published as Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, has attracted attention especially since it will be released completely free of charge. However, Ubisoft has not shared anything about the content of the game so far.

While we’ve begun to look forward to details about Ubisoft’s new free game, the vast majority of those details have emerged today. Ubisoft’s new game The Division Heartland leaked some Infos. The images obtained during the closed test phase of the game were shared. In addition, the exact gameplay and mechanics of the game were explained directly to the testers by Red Storm Entertainment Lead Game Designer Taylor Epperly.

The Division Heartland Leaked Some Infos and Gameplay video:

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The video shared by SkyLeaks started with Taylor Epperly explaining the game to the players. Ubisoft’s new game The Division Heartland leaked some Infos. Accordingly, the game will offer a completely new The Division experience. In the game, which is a combination of survival – action – shooter genres, we will move from big cities to an American city called Silver Creek. We will learn about this city and its mysterious story in the co-op PvE game mode called ‘Expedition’. In addition, players will be able to compete in the 45-person PvPvE (against both players and artificial intelligence) game mode called ‘Storm’.

In the game, according to Epperly, we will try to escape from the most unpredictable and aggressive virus we have ever seen in The Division games, and throughout this escape, we will deal with exploring, looting, fighting, and survival. The details that Epperly conveyed about the game end here.

While Epperly says the testers are subject to a non-disclosure agreement, the players didn’t listen. The gameplay videos of the game on various platforms have already been shared. While the 20-minute video shared on Vimeo was removed, the video SkyLeaks shared on Twitter still remains. As far as we can see from his video, The Divison’s mechanics that require fast gameplay are preserved almost the same in the new game.

The testers opened a document in which they shared everything about the game:

Taylor Epperly gives a stern warning to testers, but players do not listen to this warning at all. On Reddit, many testers created a collaborative document and began sharing in this document with screenshots of everything they saw in The Division Heartland, from gameplay to environmental details and graphics. Some of the outstanding details from the document were as follows:

  • Stealth has arrived in The Division.
  • You can slide and shoot like in Apex Legends.
  • The AI ​​enemy community is called The Pilgrim. The typical killer is a psychopathic group.
  • There is character customization, a battle pass system, and custom currency.
  • Game map:

The Division Heartland Leaked Some Crucial Infos

You can click here to access the relevant document.

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